Commercial And Residential Roofing Contractor Blaine WA

North Sound Services LLC. applies their Commercial Roofing expertise to the residential market with ease. Surely, we are highly experienced and have all the right equipment to handle any residential roofing job out there. Additionally, we work hard and fast to get your new roof installation complete as fast as possible. We understand the disruption to your household that a roofing project can create. Not to worry; when you choose North Sound Services LLC, you get the fastest turnaround times on roofing work in the greater Seattle area. We are the best Roofing Contractor in the Blaine WA area!


Commercial Flat Roofing

Commercial grade roofing is a whole other level of construction than most residential roofing work. The nature of commercial and industrial buildings requires them to possess more durability than residential applications. Often, commercial buildings of high square footage feature Flat Roofing. This design allows for much larger buildings than the traditional joyce style roof. However, the Flat Roofing design sacrifices water drainage properties to achieve the larger square footage. As a result, the design of the drainage system of the flat roof requires special considerations. Additionally, the flat design requires more frequent and extensive maintenance than conventional style roofing. If your business needs a dependable and professional Roofing Contractor in the Blaine WA area, North Sound Services LLC. is just what you are looking for.

Keep Your Investment Secure

The roof of your home or business is the barrier that protects everything inside from the heavy rainfall that we experience in the Pacific Northwest. Upkeep on this barrier is very important in our part of the country. Therefore, a routine inspection schedule can help defend your roof from long term damage. If damage or wear is caught early, one can avoid major repair expenses in the future. Call us at (360) 389-5628 for our Bellingham office, (425) 582-2152 for our Everett office, or use the contact form below for more information or a quote!

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