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Sometimes you don’t know you have a problem with your roof until the first big rain of the season. Suddenly, water is leaking from the ceiling causing expensive damage. A wise business owner should adopt a more proactive approach to protecting his business by diligently keeping up on proper roof maintenance. Calling in a qualified Commercial Roofing Contractor in Ferndale WA to perform routine inspections on your roof is essential to keeping your roof in top condition. The best choice for expert Commercial Roof Contracting in the Ferndale WA area is North Sound Services LLC..


Consistent Quality Workmanship

North Sound Services LLC. has been serving the Ferndale WA area with high quality workmanship  since 2014. Indeed, all of our professional Roofers are seasoned veterans of the Commercial Roofing business. This large collection of roofing experience is what brings North Sound Services LLC. to the top of the industry. North Sound Services LLC. has the capabilities to handle any roof problem no matter how big or small. We have built a reputation for the highest quality workmanship. Additionally,  we charge prices that will not put our clients out of business.

Prevent Disaster with Inspections and Maintenance 

North Sound Services LLC. can find potential problem areas early on. Because of this, we save our clients hassle and money in the long haul. We are happy to save our clients thousands of dollars. North Sound Services LLC. is content to make small repairs to your roof at a fraction of the cost of reroofing the entire structure. If your roof has been subject to neglect and is too far gone for moderate repair, North Sound Services LLC. can completely Reroof your home or business. North Sound Services LLC. is hands down the best quality Roofing Contractor in the Ferndale WA area. Call us today and speak to an North Sound Services LLC. representative for specific details on how North Sound Services LLC. can help you with your all of your roofing needs.

Call us at (360) 389-5628 for our Bellingham office, (425) 582-2152 for our Everett office, or use the contact form below for more information or a quote!

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