Roofing Contractor Lynden WA

North Sound Services LLC. serves the greater Seattle WA area commercial market with high-grade professionalism and dedication to our clients. Surely, as an experienced commercial business ourselves, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and maintaining rigid standards of quality. We bring this wisdom to every commercial as well as residential job we take. We are the top source for Roofing Contractor services in the Lynden WA area! Call North Sound Services LLC. today for more information on the scope of our services!

Your Top Source For High Quality Roof Repair

If you are in the market for roof repair work, surely, North Sound Services LLC is just what you are looking for. Indeed, we pride ourselves in our professional workmanship and high customer satisfaction rates. North Sound Services LLC specializes in Roof Repair, Roof Maintenance and Roof Installation. Certainly, we are a fully licensed Roofing Contractor. Because of this, we are totally experienced in every facet of Residential and Commercial Roofing. Surely, you can rest assured that North Sound Services LLC. will handle any construction tasks quickly and with great deft.

Deck Installation

Nothing says summertime like a backyard barbecue, fresh air and a new deck installation from North Sound Services LLC. North Sound Services LLC. provides excellent custom deck installations in the greater Seattle WA area. We tailor your new deck installation to perfectly fit with your current layout. From a small landing to a length deck installation, North Sound Services LLC can build you the deck of your dreams. We purchase materials in bulk and offer installation performed by seasoned professionals. Because of this, we are able to build your new deck faster and more affordable than a DYI option. Call North Sound Services LLC today for more information on our top quality deck installation services.

Call us at (360) 389-5628 for our Bellingham office, (425) 582-2152 for our Everett office, or use the contact form below for more information or a quote!

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